Webcast: Behavior Based Quality (BBQ) and How to Get There

- July 2017

Abstract: Arron Angle, the managing director of Qualnomics Consulting, introduces us to Behavior-Based Quality, or BBQ, and provides a fun and memorable twist to a potentially powerful quality practice that could transform your organization into a true Culture of Quality.

Keywords: Behavior-Based Quality (BBQ); Culture of Quality; Continuous Improvement; Future of Quality; Compliance; Prevention

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An eye opener. Excellent, informative and beautifully presented.
--Fredrick Okech, 12-18-2019

--Saskia Crozier, 11-28-2019

--Audrey, 10-15-2019

Very good presentation.

I have written down a lot of useful information that I plan to use to help implement an increased Quality Culture at my job.

Is there a way to obtain a copy of the slides for this presentation? I would like to be able to review and possibly share this info with my peers.
--David W. Briggs, 06-04-2018

Thank you, very useful and informative presentation.
--Gediminas Uskovas, 05-01-2018

good presentation. Thanks kindly!
--Ismail korichi, 04-22-2018

--Bob Parsons, 04-09-2018

Thank you. Useful information
--Srimathi Naligamage , 04-03-2018

Very informative
--Nimesh Patel, 04-01-2018

Thank you Arron for the very informative presentation.
--Tony Bruno, 03-31-2018

Very Useful!
--Aleksandar Stojadinovic, 03-31-2018


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