Measuring and Quantifying the Customer Experience Webcast

- November 2014

Abstract: John Goodman, author of Customer Experience 3.0, in part three of this three-part webcast series, defines customer experience (CE) and how it differs from customer relationship management (CRM) and customer service. He also shares four strategies for enhancing the bottom line with CE.

Keywords: Customer experience strategy; Customer metrics; Customer relationship management (CRM)

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--Atthaphon Ngamsamromg, 08-19-2016

--Atthaphon Ngamsamromg, 08-19-2016

Lots of information clearly presented
--Robert West, 06-13-2016

a lot of info packed in. thanks.
--Shad Moore, 02-23-2016

--Bill Minckler, 12-30-2015

Very interesting-A great deal of information that is actionable and understandable in a short period of time.
--Shannon C, 11-08-2015

--C. Hunter, 08-15-2015

--Joan Kay, 06-25-2015

--Joan Kay, 06-25-2015

--Dana Harris, 04-21-2015

--Lovepreet Mann, 04-06-2015

--Harry White, 02-25-2015


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