Quality Management Systems-Background, Evolution, and the Future of ISO 9001 Webcast

- August 2014

Abstract: ISO 9001 expert Mark Ames walks through the evolution of quality management systems, from their beginnings and right into the most utilized standard of all, ISO 9001.

Keywords: QMS - Quality Management System - ISO - ANSI - Standards - History of Quality

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--Anant, 02-28-2017

Good presentation. Interesting history and how many are coming to use ISO.
--Jill Jordan, 05-30-2015

--ty ang, 09-13-2014

--Robert Koelling, 09-12-2014

Excellent article! Especially for those individuals who didn't see the big picture; they now know how all the components fit together to form a Quality Management System of best practices.
--Judy Cephus, 08-14-2014


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