Quality Snapshot - Corrective Action - A Practical and Effective Approach for ISO 9001:2008 Webcast

- June 2014

Abstract: Mark Ames tackles commonly misunderstood topics of interest and value to members of the quality and standards communities. This installment explores misunderstandings related to corrective action. Future topics will include procedures versus work instructions, preventive action, quality manuals, and more.

Keywords: Snapshot Webcast Series - Standards - ISO 9000 - ISO 9001 - Corrective - Preventive - Root Cause Analysis - Quality Tool

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--Jim Stoklosa, 12-06-2016

--cruse, 07-04-2016

--cruse, 07-04-2016

--patricia w, 09-29-2015

Great review of most common misperceptions.
--Karen, 04-07-2015

Very helpful content to clarify common misconceptions about corrective actions and clause 8.5.2
--Cecilia, 03-25-2015

One of the best webcasts I have seen through ASQ - addresses common misconceptions and mistakes in both auditing and executing a corrective action system. I would recommend this short webcast for anybody involved in problem solving in any level of the organization.
--- , 01-15-2015

Good points about pitfalls to avoid and actions/approaches that make a stronger corrective action process
--Phillip Schmidt, 11-27-2014

--Ada Johnson, 08-11-2014


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