Methods and Tools of Modern QFD Webcast

- April 2014

Abstract: Glenn Mazur, executive director of the QFD Institute, walks through an introduction to modern quality function deployment methods and tools. This webcast covers:

  • What QFD is
  • What problem QFD solves
  • How modern organizations apply QFD
  • The modern QFD flow chart
  • Analyzing voice of the customer (VOC)
  • The Gemba visit table
  • House of quality
Click here to download the slides to this webcast presentation.

Keywords: Webcast - Quality function deployment (QFD) - House of quality - Voice of the customer (VOC) - Gemba

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I give it three stars because the graphics on the slides are illegible., 12-10-2014

--Jose Montanez, 10-04-2014

This was a good introduction to the topic (with which I was not familiar). However, I would have preferred that more time be given to laying the backgound and providing an overview rather that going through the case study on sleep apnea. We need a better understanding of the basics before progressing to detailed application. Notwithstanding, I appreciated the presentation. Thank you.
--Marcia, 06-27-2014

Overview of the tools and application for modern QFD implementation. Thank you Glenn for taking the time to provide us with your knowledge and approach. In the future, would prefer less details on the specifics of the case study and on more on what challenges and successes were faced/overcome with the customer through QFD.
--Chad, 06-25-2014


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