Seven New Quality Tools: The Prioritization Matrix Webcast

- February 2014

Abstract: Matrix data analysis is used to analyze and understand a large number of data arranged in rows and columns using computer-aided tools with advanced mathematics. The prioritization matrix is a simple, easy-to-use L-shaped tool to narrow down options through a step-by-step approach applying selection of criteria, assigning weights and arriving at a conclusion through basic mathematics. The prioritization matrix is useful when multiple criteria (typically three to six) and multiple options (typically five to 10) are involved in making a final selection. Situations include selecting improvement projects, products and service offerings. The matrix even can be used effectively for personal and social applications such as deciding on a school, choosing a financial institution or purchasing property.

Keywords: Seven basic quality tools - Matrix diagram - L-shaped matrix

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Very informative. Thanks Govind!

--Jit Gupta, 07-26-2015

Found this to be a very useful tool which I hope to be able to use.
--Mervyn Maclean, 04-01-2014


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