Modular Kaizen: Continuous and Breakthrough Improvement Webcast

- February 2014

Abstract: Grace Duffy introduces her book Modular Kaizen, drawing on 40 years of experience to incorporate techniques, innovations, and lessons learned in pursuit of effective continuous and breakthrough improvement. Duffy also shares her “school of fishbones” tools that you can use to guide your team from initial observations to root causes, potential solutions, and eventual implementation.

Keywords: Kaizen - Kaizen blitz - Fishbone diagram - Improvement team - Case study - Process improvement - Systems improvement

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Thank you, Grace! I particularly like your Trimetric Matrix which identifies the process improvement measures of capacity, process and outcomes. Well done!

--Paula Damico, 02-07-2016

The presentation was okay. Did not stay focused on how to handle disruptions. Good overview of fishbone diagrams and how to expand on using these.
--Jill Jordan, 05-30-2015

The ideas presented are sound quality practices based on adaptions of a Kaizen blitz and improved PDCA cycles, but are not entirely new or innovative in and of themselves.
---, 01-15-2015

Good adaptation to get something more workable than a Kaizen Blitz given work loads as Grace points out. Reminds me very much of EVOP - Evolutionary Operations improvement approach
--Phillip Schmidt, 12-30-2014


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