Creating an Innovation Culture - How to Release New Ideas and Make Them a Reality Webcast

- January 2014

Abstract: ASQ author and innovation expert, Peter Merrill, discusses the competitive necessity of creating a culture that is willing to sacrifice the sacred for the innovative in today's fast-paced market. He also provides a framework and game plan, including the roles and steps leaders institute, to leverage a culture of innovation as a competitive advantage. Included is a self-assessment process and online tool you can use to gauge your organization level of innovation to set goals toward improvement.

Keywords: Culture of Quality; The Executive Guide to Innovation; Innovation

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--jorge luis flores, 10-14-2019

This is an excellent learning opportunity. Looking forward to the next Webcasts, pt. 2 and 3.

--Sharon Floyd, 08-07-2017

Very good 1st in a series of 3 webcasts - Looking forwad to the other 2!
--Phillip Schmidt, 11-30-2014

I enjoyed Peter Merrill's presentation, especially when he categorized people as falling into 1 of 4 categories: creators, connectors, developers and doers. Also, when he used the Venn diagram to depict overlapping cultures. It made me think about what type of worker I was. I concluded I was primarily a doer in my current role, but also wore the hat of the connecter and the developer in my current role.
--Tim Leary, 03-09-2014

--Nitin, 02-21-2014


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