Getting the Defects Out of Root Cause Analysis Webcast

- December 2013

Abstract: In this 50-minute presentation, author Duke Okes introduces root cause analysis, covering topics including:

  • Defining important terminology
  • Describing types of causes
  • Determining how deep to take an investigation
  • Defining the problem clearly
  • Identifying possible causes
  • Collecting and analyzing data
  • Allocating sufficient time
  • Considering culture

Now available on YouTube.

Keywords: Root cause analysis; Organizational culture; Problem solving

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Great overview of a sometimes complicated process.
--Clay Hodges, 11-24-2014

--Elvia Mora, 05-29-2014

--Elvia Mora, 05-29-2014

Good article on RCA to start with. Looking forward to RCA topics to tackle more complex problems.
--Mohammed Faraz, 01-17-2014

Very well done, and good for ASQ supported content. It's good to remember the beginners as well as the more seasoned veterans. This is the type of information that needs to be available to the general membership.
--Susan, 01-04-2014

I found the information helpful and easy to understand. I would recommend purchasing the book.
--Faith, 12-27-2013

Good overview on an always-interesting topic.
--Warren, 12-26-2013

In general this was a good basic overview. The key to all RCA is using tools you are comfortable with and ensuring that there are process experts on the team.
--Gerard Donovan, 12-13-2013

Barely OK for a 1hr overview introducing the concept to beginners. The delivery is monotone, but one is given control to move forward as needed. The slide classifying causes included "Contributing," which is then described as not really a true cause; this is a logical error. Also, the logic diagram section was poorly structured. Not the finest hour for ASQ supported content.
--Ramon S., 12-12-2013

Outstanding! Simple, to the point, and easy to deploy on more complex situations. Maybe the next one could be on something gnarly?
--Joe Druecker, 12-12-2013


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