Corning's Journey to Performance Excellence: Innovation Across Three Centuries

Case Study

- July 2013

Abstract: This video is one component of a multimedia case study presenting the performance excellence journey of Corning, Inc.

In presentations delivered to students in the Master of Engineering Management program at Northwestern University, the voices of Corning’s performance excellence team share how the organization developed a value creation system across all disciplines. Don McCabe, former senior vice president, manufacturing and performance excellence, provides an overview of the performance excellence system; Kristine Dale, director, performance excellence, fleshes out the deployment aspects; and Roger Ackerman, Jr., performance excellence facilitator, offers insight into using quality tools in a commercial application.

Learn how Corning has achieved 160 years of leadership in innovation and manufacturing. Recent results include $1.5 billion in savings over eight years, and $300 million in savings in one year using four improvement methodologies. Corning has trained 3,000 Green Belts and Black Belts who lead improvement projects across all functions of the organization. Additionally, 100,000 individual improvements (an average of four per employee), are completed across the organization each year.

Introductions by Don McNeeley of the Master of Engineering Management program, McCormick School of Engineering, Northwestern University, and James Buckman, Buckman Associates, set the context for this case study. The video concludes with a question and answer session with Northwestern students.

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Keywords: Case study; Innovation; Six Sigma; Define-measure-analyze-improve-control (DMAIC); Performance excellence; Organizational culture; Business results

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Excellent session. Thanks!
--Badri, 07-16-2013


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