Delivering Process Excellence Through Process Management Webcast

- October 2012

Abstract: The reemergence of business process management (BPM) is not a new fad but the maturation of process excellence - the perfect blend of quality program, project, and process. BPM is the driving force behind the deployment strategy for process excellence at many leading companies. BPM has matured to help companies understand how to develop a process vision that can lead to dramatic gains in their quality and process excellence programs. This webinar from the ASQ Six Sigma Forum explains what BPM is, how it links to your existing continuous improvement strategy, and how to successfully deploy it.

Keywords: Business Process Management - BPM - Lean Six Sigma

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BPM framework was excellent!
--Al Miller, 01-21-2016

--Kayo Momoda, 08-26-2015

--Trent Ingram, 02-28-2015

Great webcast, very informative brings a clear understanding of basic BPM concept
--Mustafa Al-azzam, 02-25-2015

Very good at focusing one on what really needs to be worked on to get sustained process improvement and how process improvement underpins all success
--Phillip Schmidt, 12-31-2014

This is a useful and thought provoking presentation even for long time quality professionals.
--Clay Hodges, 11-24-2014

Thanks a lot, really useful for me; I'm working in a transformation Dp. in a Telecom company. Trying to embed Quality into the Process Mgm. System.

--Babak Mahinrad, 07-03-2014

Excellent presentation. I have a much better understanding of the BPM framework and the basic steps on how to move forward in implementing what I have learned.
--Rolly Velbis, 05-23-2014

Excellent summary to understand basic framework of bpm
--ivonne, 06-30-2013

Excellent, informative, and very helpful Webcast. I enjoyed it very much. This is why I joined ASQ.
--Ting Wu, 04-18-2013

--don knoop, 04-01-2013

Gut!! Good.
--John Benson tulsa, 01-31-2013

Good concept to integrate all elements of a system to set and achieve stratigic goals.
--Ed Sims, 01-31-2013


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