Patient Safety—Eliminating Harm System-wide Webcast

- September 2012

Abstract: Learn how Henry Ford Healthcare System (HFHS) has achieved a 26 percent reduction in harm events and a 12 percent reduction in mortality over a three-year period through its No-Harm Campaign. The No-Harm Campaign involves every business unit and all members of the workforce, and is integrated into the organization’s strategy, culture, and daily operations, as well as its educational mission. The speakers will discuss and illustrate the following aspects of the HFHS approach to patient safety:

  • Scope, philosophy, and goals
  • Identification of top causes and priority-setting
  • Measures of harm and the cost of harm, with results
  • “Typical” care redesign effort
  • Leadership and structure (vertical/horizontal)
  • Culture change: engaging physician partners, finance staff, front-line workforce

Keywords: Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award; Patient safety; Organizational culture; Business results

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Fantastic. Packed with information and insights. A great overview of a COMPREHENSIVE organizational approach to quality management: senior management, strategic planning, engagement of employees, cultural re-shaping, and accountability/monitoring of operation employees.
--Bill Minckler, 01-02-2016

--Kyle Bukowski, 12-31-2014

--Kyle Bukowski, 12-31-2014

--Tony Busque, 03-31-2014


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