The Executive Guide to Improvement and Change Webcast

- August 2012

Abstract: Grace Duffy, co-author of The Executive Guide to Improvement and Change, provides an overview of the book, introduces you to the various organizational change and improvement models available, and closes with additional learning opportunities for your organization.

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I liked the overview for the book. Thank you for the opportunity!
--Christy Sutton, 08-13-2018

Very good. I am sorry I did not see it sooner.
--Clay Hodges, 11-24-2014

--Ken Parcell, 05-24-2013

--Ting Wu, 04-18-2013

--Ashraf, 10-03-2012

--rahul kanety, 08-22-2012

Great overview of the book. I liked the explanation of the different models and how they should be used. I have experienced some people who like to use the one-size-fits-all approach. This offers an explanation and reasoning behind which model to use. I would rate this as a 4.5.
--Lori Bushas, 08-22-2012


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