Creating a Quality Culture Webcast

- October 2011

Abstract: Steve Gerhardt, a quality practitioner with 30+ years of experience in manufacturing and process improvement, shares how he led the transformation of Ford's Asia Pacific and Africa Operations into a culture of quality.

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--John Wright, 09-15-2013

--Kailash, 01-12-2013

--Kailash, 01-12-2013

Very informitive and highly recommended.
Steve's presentation affirmed the importance of a quality culture platform. As a QA Auditor & firm believer in TQMS, it is easily recognizable when corporate structure does not embrace the TQMS culture.
The word "QUALITY" is often associated with cost & budgets, and therefore a hard sell with executve management, even though, when properly integrated, it actually increases production, increases revenue, boosts moral and decreases operating cost.

--Normand Prevost, 11-18-2011


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