An Introduction to the PDCA Cycle Webcast, Part 2

- July 2011

Abstract: Part 2 of this exclusive webcast series compares and connects PDCA to other methodologies, including DMAIC, Lean, and ISO 9001. Also see

part 1 in the series, which introduces the PDCA cycle, its origins in the scientific method, and its connection to the Deming-Shewhart cycles.

Part 3 provides listeners with an example application of PDCA and explores the benefits of using PDCA.

Keywords: PDCA; plan - do - check - act - ISO 9001; DMAIC; continuous improvement; webcast

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--Amarender Reddy Arutla, 09-02-2018

--Rosalia , 08-28-2018

--Greg Varela, 08-19-2018

--minakarali, 08-12-2018

--HADDJAME , 08-09-2018

--Jocelin, 02-26-2018

I"ve just had the opportunity to listen to Parts 1, 2, and 3 of the webcast. Very informative and clear explanation of the PDCA Cycle. Makes use and application of the cycle within reach, very resourceful.
Much appreciated.
--Billy V Twala, 01-31-2017

This webcast was one of the best I've seen making the comparison of the PDCA cycle to other quality tools (e.g. DMAIC). It was clear and concise (easy to understand). Also, I think I will strive to be a "No Belt Lauriat."
--Susan Haines, 11-03-2016

--William Jarrett, 04-08-2016

--William Jarrett, 04-08-2016

--linda nixon, 07-28-2014


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