Root Cause Analysis for Beginners-Part 1 Webcast

- April 2011

Abstract: Jim Rooney, an ASQ Fellow and quality veteran with more than 30 years' experience in numerous industries, walks through the basics of root cause analysis in this first of a two-part webcast series.

Keywords: Root Cause Analysis; webcast; webinar

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--Kenneth Vespa, 12-18-2017

--jose sanchez, 09-02-2017

Helpful, good under view. Ease to relate to as a ABS consultant
--Tom Myers, 06-13-2017

Well in detail introduction.
--Cross chen, 07-21-2016

this is a very good webinar
--Sue Sharrock, 06-28-2016

Much of discussion was about corrective actions, rather than root cause analysis. A significant emphasis was placed on manpower being the main contributor of error. The entire system (manpower, method, machine, environment, etc.) should be considered when performing RCA. I do agree that the typical manpower "punishment" corrective actions do nothing to prevent the error from happening.
--Brian, 01-11-2016

first rate
--Frederick Cole, 10-02-2015

Great presentation.
--Sherry MacGregor, 09-01-2015

--Trent Ingram, 02-28-2015

--steven, 01-26-2015

Very good overview of RCA.
--Clay Hodges, 11-24-2014

--mike, 03-23-2014

Well prepared presentations; you should be able to implement.
--Pravin, 09-21-2013

My time was very well spent on this webinar.
--Ming, 08-07-2013

--Carlos Castellanos, 07-15-2013


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