A Webcast Overview of the Seven Lean Six Sigma Tools

- August 2010

Abstract: This webcast provides an overview of seven common Lean Six Sigma tools: 5S system, seven wastes, value stream mapping, kaizen, flow, visual workspace, and voice of the customer.

Additional installments in this series offer a closer look at each tool:

Keywords: Webcast; Lean Six Sigma tools; 5S system; Seven wastes; Value stream mapping (VSM); Kaizen; Flow; Visual workspace; Voice of the customer (VOC)

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Value-added knowledge.
--Amarender Reddy Arutla, 03-07-2018

It's a good refresher to everyone! :) However, examples are quite not enough to finish 1 slide.
--Jenny Lyn Bautista, 02-08-2018

I've been out of an ASQ environment for a little over 5 years. I watched / listened to this WebEx, and it was a great refresher; short & sweet. I'm hoping to get my new company on board!
--Lanie, 09-15-2017

Materials were well illustrated and presented.
--John King, 09-08-2016

Entire series while basic is a helpful refresher if rusty, or good introduction to the novice.
--Robert West, 06-09-2016

--Kenneth Parcell, 04-28-2013

--tony manning, 05-08-2012


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