The Visual Workplace Webcast

Case Study

- August 2010

Abstract: Visual workplace, also known as the 5S, refers to five Japanese terms beginning with ā€œsā€ used to create a workplace suited for visual control and lean production.

This webcast is one installment in a series focusing on the seven common lean and Six Sigma tools. See other webcasts in the series:

Keywords: Webcast; 5S; Seiri; Seiton; Seiso; Seiketsu; Shitsuke; Lean; Organize

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Adequate webcast covering the basics. However, for a webcast on visual workplace and visual management methods, not one good example of an actual visual management system. For this kind of topic, I expected at least one picture. But this was all text.
--Rajesh, 04-04-2014

--victor fonseca, 10-21-2013

Very informative webcast and good introduction to the visual workplace. The slides were easy to follow and I will recommend this webcast to my co-workers.
--Vivian Hollifield, 04-09-2013

Very informative and easy to understand. This was the first webex that I saw in this series and I was able to learn small pieces of information that were covered in earlier webex seminars very easily. I look forward to looking at more of the series.
--Alex McCambridge, 11-08-2012


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