3M Entitlement Quality: Flawless Execution at the Speed of the Customer

Case Study

- April 2009

Abstract: 3M’s approach to enterprise-wide quality improvement for business results and customer satisfaction is a fusion of ISO 9000, Six Sigma, lean, business process management, commercialization, and supplier management, along with a homegrown model, process and product understanding (PPU). A scorecard has been developed for verifying customers’ perceptions of quality against internal metrics. The quality function must constantly demonstrate its value to business operations. As the low-hanging fruit of improvement opportunity is picked and more complex problems bubble to the surface, 3M’s process improvement focus shifts to more of a business design focus.

Keywords: Case study; Customer satisfaction; Innovation; Six Sigma; Lean; ISO 9001; Scorecards; Enterprise-wide quality improvement; Business improvement; Sustainability; Innovation;

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